Have you woken up to the divine aroma
of a brewing pot of coffee?
Coffee is one of the most popular hot beverages in the world. It is served in several varieties, hot as well as cold.
As a matter of fact coffee bean is one of the most valuable commodity that is exported by developing countries.
Globally, approximately 400 billion cups of coffee are consumed annually, making this
'steaming cuppa' one of the world's most preferred beverage. The two most commonly
known coffee beans are 'Arabica' and 'Robusta'.
And what's more, this stimulated drink even boasts of health benefits for coffee lovers.

Vision of a Coffee Connoisseur:
So it was not long before visionary late Mr. Hansraj V Mariwala decided to take his innovations in organic coffee, to the world. Organic coffee is natural coffee originated without the artificial chemical substances or additives, pesticides or herbicides.

Nandanvan Estate does not use chemicals. Therefore, Nandan Coffee is an organic coffee where even waste effluents are controlled by lagooning techniques.

Hansraj V Mariwala knew his coffee and he knew its benefits. Nandan Coffee was born in 1992, on the woody, misty slopes of the Nandanvan Estates, Kodaikanal.

Setting out to make this offering, he decided to give the coffee lovers and connoisseurs a taste of this organic, aromatic brew which is full of flavour, rich in body, and good for health.

Late Mr. Hansraj V. Mariwala
Somewhere along this project he realised a desire to conserve the beautiful ecosystem and preserve it against the erosion of modern times. He wanted to protect the animals, the flora and fauna by creating ecological diversity. Water bodies and Wetlands were built for the birds and animals to quench their thirst, especially during drought.

Lands were marked to create many ecosystems such as forests, mountains, waterways etc. all within close proximity of each other. Animals could move freely and safely without the fear of fences.

Hansraj Mariwala planned to make Nandanvan Estate a finest example of eco diversity. As Nandanvan Estate got developed, it became a soothing destination and bird lover's paradise for those who love to be in nature.
Nandan Coffee
Nandan Coffee, made from Arabica beans is grown in the heavenly wilderness of Nandanvan Estates. The environ of the estate nurtures and yields Arabica coffee beans. It is situated at the height of 4500 feet on the wooded, mesmeric slopes of Kodaikanal in South India. The estate is surrounded by captivating and exotic flora and fauna which gives this wonderful location a touch of scenic tranquil.
This 27 acres estate was owned by late Mr. Hansraj V. Mariwala. After him, his youngest son Mr. Shyam Mariwala oversees its upkeep and management.

The organic coffee beans grown in the ecosystem of this foggy and striking locale of Nandanvan Estates, are internationally acclaimed as one of the most favoured organic coffees.

Mr. Shyam Mariwala
Kenneth Davids Speak:
Kenneth Davids a coffee expert, author and co-founder of Coffee Review, has been involved with coffee since the early 1970s. He has authored three popular books on coffee. He regularly holds seminars on coffee sourcing, evaluation and communication that have been featured at professional coffee meetings around the world.

About Nandan Coffee he says "...it is soft, sweet and delicate, silky in texture... " He adds "it is intensely aromatic with crisp flower, chocolate, lemon complex..."

Mr. Kenneth Davids
Nandanvan Estates:

Today Nandan Coffee, from Nandanvan Estates, is the most sought after organic coffee for its premium taste and
rich flavour. The driving force behind Nandan Coffee today is Shyam Mariwala, who until 2012, handled it all
under the expert supervision of his father, late Mr. Hansraj V Mariwala.
The Estate is certified organic by IMO in the year 2004 and has won numerous awards under blind test as the best tasting Arabica.
In 2004 Nandanvan Estate received International Jury 'The fine Cup Award' as a producer of Best Arabica from Pulneys region.
Nandan Coffee was recognized and awarded for Divine Flavor; Organic Arabica Coffee in the year 2006.
In 2010 Nandanvan Estate was recognized as Best among the Arabica – Pulneys Region.