Carefully roasted to bring out the full rich flavors and aroma of a roast
coffee, our roast has a perfectly smooth finish. 100% Organic made by
the most passionate roasters.

Organic Certification
Each sapling is nurtured and tended to for 3 years on fresh organic food and water.

Freshly Roasted
We ensure that your coffee is roasted on demand and delivered freshly at your doorstep.

Health Benefits
Coffee is one of the world's best brain boosters. It is a revitalizer and protective beverage against Parkinson's disease.
Made in India. Winning The Globe.
It's Not just about coffee


A universal preservation of the organic and evolved diversity of nature. Caring and fostering our ecological surrounding, which means going beyond human life. Which includes biodiversity (animals, flower buds,trees) and elements (soil, clime, weather)

Banks of the river

By planting these forest trees we protect the wetlands,streams, ponds and tributaries from erosion of their reservoir.

No Fences

The animals and pets can live harmoniously and roam around freely as Mother Nature had intended them to live. They don't have any restrictions and they live without scare.

Shade of Green

Trees will be planted and fostered to give cool breeze to the environ. We grow our coffee beans under the cooling greens of indigenous forest trees which are covered with a shade.

Water Bodies and Wetlands for Thirsty Animals

Animals can drink crystal clear water from the water bodies and ponds developed for just this purpose.It will safeguard the animals against drought situation.

No Chemicals

Our coffee is completely organic and free of any chemicals.

Tree Plantation

We endeavor to plant many varieties of trees which are vital for our ecosystem and habitat.

Lagooning Techniques

Waste effluents are controlled and treated by lagooning techniques.

We have stamp of approval from the most prestigious
rating agencies for producing 100% organic coffee beans